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Logo Design

Handcrafted logos perfect for branding your new or existing business that can be customised with your business name and brand colours.

Business Cards

Modern, professional business cards that are meant to fully represent company image and business and services to customers with confidence 

Large Prints

Using colours, fonts and symbols we will unravel your thoughts, preferences and ideas and weave them into a solid visual personality whatever size.

1.   You’ve just started a new business and need to get your logo correct from the outset so that it not only reflects the personality of you and/or your business, but also works to attract your ideal target clients.
2.  You have an existing business but your logo has become outdated or just doesn’t look professional and you’d like that fixed.

3.  You want to relaunch your business and need a whole new look that will attract the clients you want to sell to.

4.  You have absolutely no idea of what sort of logo will work best for your business and need guidance every step of the way.

5.  You have a number of ideas for your logo and want to work with a designer who will actually take them into consideration when designing your logo instead of just doing their own thing.

6.  You understand why less is more and why simplicity in branding is always better for your business.
7.  You want to know how to use your logo properly and when to use the different versions of your logo.

8.  You want to have your logo in the proper formats required by your printer or signage company, as well as in formats you can use in your own documents and online.

9.  You just need your existing logo redrawn so that you have it in the correct formats for print, web and document use.
10. You want your logo professionally assessed with suggestions for improvement so that you can recreate or fix it yourself.


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